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SAP Commerce

Expand Your Digital Business with SAP CX

As a certified SAP Commerce service partner and holder of the SAP Recognized Expertise designation, SAP’s E-Commerce platform is a core competence and key pillar at Langia.

SAP Commerce (part of SAP CX) is an E-commerce platform that helps B2B and B2C businesses to manage and deliver a high-quality customer experience to customers on a single platform. Originally named Hybris, the platform was acquired by SAP in 2013. SAP has continued to develop, integrate and position the platform in the SAP landscape, upholding the platform's strong position among the available E-Commerce suites on the market.

SAP Commerce offers quick time to value, simplified buying experience, context-driven capabilities, AI engagement, and the ability to connect supply with demand. Over $520 billion GMV (Gross Merchandise Volume) is managed across the SAP commerce platform every year. Join the SAP Commerce Cloud to deliver omnichannel buying experiences to your customers.

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With a long-term focus on our customers and a unique network-based recruitment model centered around personal references, we have managed to build up a winner team of real SAP Commerce professionals and gather the best of the best at Langia.
As we are onboarding projects to replace global consultancy brands, we just need to outperform the competition to stay in the game. Our track record of long-term engagement, minimal rotation, and passionate delivery to the satisfaction of our customers, prove that we are able to do exactly that.

Måns B Standqvist
CEO, Langia IT Solutions AB

Boost Your Commerce Team

Langia provides leading-edge SAP commerce competence with skilled developers, architects, business analysts, and quality assurance specialists strengthening your e-commerce team for shorter or longer periods.
SAP Silver Partner Advanced

Our consultants hold up-to-date certifications and a great deal of them worked at SAP (formerly Hybris) itself, which means thatwe can offer outstanding quality and expertise in our delivery.

This applies independently from whether you are using the SAP Commerce platform as an end customer or if you are offering Hybris-related services as a consultant. Langia is recognized as SAP Silver Partner, awarded SAP Recognized Expertise, and Top SAP Solutions Providers.




As SAP Partner, Langia is offering specialists that:

  • are highly experienced with SAP Commerce (Hybris) platform (cloud and on-premise)
  • have experience from major international end customers and projects
  • speak and write Java as their mother tongue
  • are certified with SAP Commerce (Hybris)
  • have the highest seniority level, with a history from the early days of Hybris and deep platform knowledge
  • are used to agile development methods, like Scrum
  • are fast and lean in on-boarding your project
  • work transparently both offsite and onsite
  • are passionate about your business processes, digital services, and success
Meet some of our Consultants

Apart from mastering the SAP Commerce platforms, Langia specialists have extensive experience integrating all kinds of different technologies with the e-commerce platform, naming here only a few examples:

  • Apache Solr
  • Amazon Web Services (AWS) and other cloud interfaces
  • GraphQL
  • Microservices
  • Adobe Experience Manager
  • Salesforce
  • Payment providers, e.g. Delego, Stripe and Klarna
  • Celum
  • STEP by Stibo Systems
  • Ariba Punchout and OCI etc.

Please get in touch with us for a complete overview, we might already have experience with the particular interface you want to work with.

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Langia is Recognized by Customers

Langia is a key vendor and strategic partner to Hilti’s e-commerce and digitalization. Hilti is a leading player in the construction industry, making constructing work simpler, faster, and safer, using its cutting-edge products, systems, software, and service. Langia is very proud to deliver our services and consultants to support Hilti’s digital solutions worldwide. As a major SAP Commerce partner, we build, maintain and support the online business and digital customer experience of Hilti in close collaboration with the digital experts of the corporation itself.

Langia has a proven track record of providing excellent developers and other IT professionals who have integrated smoothly with our teams and greatly contributed to the development and success of our digital solutions over the years.

Rima Alrayes
Vendor Manager, Hilti

Get Help or Advice with an Existing Installation

Do you already have SAP Commerce or Hybris? Do you have concerns on your next steps or even specific problems with your installation that need to be solved? You came to the right place.

As an SAP Commerce Service partner, we love to tackle and solve all challenges that can arise in a project, for example concerning:


An often-neglected aspect of a mature project is the performance of the website. It’s essential that the backend code is reviewed and optimized so that the business process continues to work as intended. Especially after rolling out additional countries or adding additional data. Langia can help you:

  • Improve site performance on specific pages
  • Reduce lead time in different business process, like the time it takes to publish a new product from a 3rd party system or introduce a new price
  • Avoid timeouts and failures that require manual intervention by IT or customer service

A best-in-class onsite search

Are you belonging to the “filter generation” who usually drill down to the right product by clicking through multiple categories and finally multiple filters on the website? Or do you rather use onsite search wherever you can? Even if filters can be helpful to find the right product on your site in some situations, often, and even more important aspect is the search function and its ability to help customers quickly find a specific product and thereby complete a quick conversion. Using Apache Solr or any other means of indexation, our consultants can help your company improve:

  • Relevance of search results on your website
  • Synonyms to match customer searches to your branding and terminology
  • Autosuggestion and autocompletion
  • AI-based search suggestions

Integration of third-party services

Can’t make up your mind internally or just want what you believe is the best in each area? Don’t worry, we can bring everything together. It’s possible to seamlessly integrate competing CMS, product master data, ERP systems with Hybris if you do it right. With the modern, microservices oriented architecture we can bring together SAP Commerce, Adobe, and Salesforce in one well-functioning unity if that is what your company decided to do. At Langia we design, deploy and create microservices to:

  • Efficiently bind together competing systems and let them communicate with each other
  • Facilitate the adoption of headless E-Commerce
  • Avoid creating monster monolith systems that are hard to maintain

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