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Our story

Story and Background

Langia IT Solutions AB was established in 2014 in Lomma, Sweden, with a clear vision to provide spearhead expertise in SAP Commerce. As an IT consultancy company, Langia aims to assist businesses in maximizing their potential through effective implementation and utilization of the SAP Commerce Cloud platform.


founded in Sweden


consultants across Europe


successful go-lives


hours of experience

With our unparalleled expertise in SAP Commerce, we empower our clients to elevate their online businesses to new heights. We take immense pride in our work and are constantly seeking talented individuals who share our passion for excellence. Make sure to check out our job openings.

Langia Career

The Langia formula

A structured set of steps and rules we follow to guide projects, teams and individuals towards project success.
  • Lead the industry

    Be at the forefront of the industry, leading the way with unparalleled expertise in SAP Commerce.

    In-depth knowledge and cutting-edge solutions empower businesses to stay ahead of the competition, revolutionizing e-commerce operations and driving sustainable growth.

  • Care for others

    Prioritize the people.

    Every client, customer, partner, merchant, and stakeholder holds the utmost importance. Obsess in generating maximum value and ensuring customer success through tailored services and solutions.

  • Teamwork

    Building strongly diversified teams is core to success.

    Understand that differences are an asset. Recognize talent, hire the best, coach for performance and continuously develop each other.

  • Make an impact

    Invest in the work that will have the most significant impact.

    Understand the importance of being well-prepared and driven by informed decision-making. Take ownership of projects, delve deep into the core of every matter, leaving no stone unturned before reaching well-considered conclusions.

  • Create the future

    Possess an insatiable curiosity about the direction the world is headed, always seeking opportunities to revolutionize industries and make a positive impact.

    By continuously educating oneself and staying ahead of trends, confidently bet on innovative ideas that shape the world for the better.

  • Care for planet

    Recognize the importance of sustainability efforts in achieving long-term success and growth.

    Save tons of CO2 emissions every year thanks to the remote work policy. Follow a long-term ambition to lead the industry toward net-zero emissions.

With a long-term focus on our customers and a unique network-based recruitment model centered around personal references, we have managed to build up a winner team of real SAP Commerce professionals and gather the best of the best at Langia. As we are onboarding projects to replace global consultancy brands, we just need to outperform the competition to stay in the game. Our track record of long-term engagement, minimal rotation, and passionate delivery to the satisfaction of our customers, prove that we are able to do exactly that.

Måns B Standqvist
Måns B Strandqvist
CEO, Langia IT Solutions AB

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