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E-commerce Trends in 2024 - Navigating the Digital Transformation

The year 2024 marks a significant milestone in the journey of digital transformation, bringing forward new challenges and opportunities for retailers and brands alike. This whitepaper delves into the latest e-commerce trends, providing insights and strategies to help businesses navigate the digital transformation effectively.


How to Create an Agile Delivery Organization for a Successful IT Transformation?

Most successful organizations are shifting to a new delivery organization to ensure optimized digital transformation. An Agile organization enables you to be more responsive to business innovation. We at Langia have extensive experience in helping our clients to organize in such a way that they can efficiently and effectively plan, build and deliver.


Avoid these Common Mistakes when Migrating to SAP Commerce Cloud

Migrating your existing solution to SAP Commerce Cloud is challenging with all the aspects that need to be taken into consideration. Some common pitfalls can be avoided if you know your way around. In this whitepaper, you will find the most common pitfalls that we at Langia categorized into two groups: Technical Pitfalls and Management Pitfalls.


How to Manage Performance in an SAP Commerce Cloud Project?

Organizations that actively manage project performance to align with strategy are doing better than many of their competitors at allocating resources in a way that directly contributes to the organization’s well-being. In this whitepaper, you will learn how to incorporate recommended performance testing practices into your SAP Commerce Cloud project right from the start.


Top 10 Recommendations for Improving the Performance of Your Commerce Cloud Promotion Engine

The Promotion engine is an extremely powerful and agile module for managing promotions. A well-managed promotion engine contributes immensely to the overall performance and stability of the SAP Commerce application. The recommendations in this whitepaper are aimed at helping you optimize the promotion engine performance through the use of certain tweaks or modifications.


How to Choose the Best Integration Options for SAP Commerce Cloud?

In this whitepaper, we will highlight how you can extend and integrate Commerce Cloud across a variety of common situations. The goal is to move away from "classic", tightly coupled in-app extensions of SAP Commerce and move towards a decoupled, cloud-friendly way of extending and integrating your SAP Commerce Cloud solution.


How to Fulfill Data Protection in SAP Commerce Cloud?

Data protection is about protecting your customers' and employees'' information. Your data protection requirements should outline what is necessary for your solution to be compliant with the requirements of the regions you operate in. This whitepaper covers potential data protection topics and how to implement them in the SAP Commerce Cloud.


Upgrading Spartacus Composable Storefront - Steps & Challenges

This white paper discusses the steps involved in upgrading Spartacus for SAP Commerce and the challenges that businesses may face.


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