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Hilti is a leading player in the construction industry, making constructing work simpler, faster and safer, using its cutting-edge products, systems, software and service. The company enjoys an excellent reputation and is associated with quality and professionalism in the industry. This is also why we at Langia are very proud to deliver our services and consultants to support Hilti’s digital solutions worldwide. As a key vendor, we build, maintain and support the online business and digital customer experience of Hilti in close collaboration with the digital experts of the corporation itself. For more information and a glimpse of some of the Hilti digital experience to which we contribute, visit the corporate portal or take a look at any of the Online business websites like, search for Hilti on the App Store or Play Store or have a look at the Hilti expert engineering community Ask Hilti.

”Langia has a proven track record of providing excellent developers and other IT professionals who have integrated smoothly with our teams and greatly contributed to the development and success of our digital solutions over the years”



Using the daughter companies Langia Funds AB and Langia Venture AB investments in the technologies of tomorrow are being made. While Langia Funds is distributing stock market traded funds within Augmented Reality (AR), E-Sport and Space Technology, Langia Venture AB is focusing on unlisted investments within AR, AI, E-Sport, Space and Fintech.

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GROW is a Norwegian company consisting of supervisors who have worked on developing behavior-focused leadership cultures for over 15 years. They specialize in educating and developing managers, developing organizations and teams, coach managers and give lectures on behavioral economics and other relevant topics.

At Langia we provide Grow with support and maintenance of;

  • Web platforms – Company site & LMS (Learning management system)
  • User/client databases
  • Internal administrative tools

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“Langia provides services to us in an extremely satisfactory manner. It is cost-effective and easy for us to use Langia as they understand our needs, deliver by appointment, and have high expertise in the right areas. They are flexible and extend far to deliver according to our wishes. We are very pleased with our cooperation!”




Perfish is a mobile application designed to make the purchase of fishing licences simpler, through the use of Map/GPS-technology while Huntish is its cousin offering the similar for hunters who are in the need of a hunting licence. With a few taps, the user can easily find the fishing waters or hunting grounds closest to their location and purchase licences on the fly. Key features of Perfish & Huntish:

  • Locates the nearest fishing waters or hunting grounds, based on the user position
  • Simple step-by-step purchase process, with clear instructions
  • Clear overview of purchased licences
  • Powerful search functionality for users looking for specific areas
  • Before allowing the user to buy a hunting licence, Huntish integrates with the government registers to check the validity of the user’s hunting permit

Langia is behind every aspect of Perfish and Huntish, frontend & backend, for both iOS & Android. Visit and for more information.

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