E-Commerce Professionals

Måns Bynke Strandqvist

CEO & Hybris Consultant

Founder and CEO of Langia with a strong technical background working many years as a hybris developer with major end clients as well as in close collaboration with many people from SAP (formerly Hybris) itself. Måns likes to still have an active involvement in the projects of Langia when possible and also has experience in taking on consulting and architect assignments relating to E-Commerce, mobile apps and more.

Being performance and result oriented with projects and customers, it might not come as a surprise that one of Måns favorite tasks with the SAP Commerce platform is performance optimization and improving backend processes. Often there are huge wins by revisiting already written code, queries, and cronjobs to optimize and create a leaner backend system, resulting in a faster, less error-prone website, which is always up-to-date with the latest changes.

ns holds a M.Sc. in Industrial Engineering and Management with a specizliation in Software Engineering from Lund University, Faculty of Engineering (LTH), Sweden.

Adam Kolodziej

Hybris Consultant & Solution Architect

Hybris consultant with years of experience in a wide range of e-commerce projects. Worked as software developer, business analyst and solution architect in SAP Commerce (former Hybris) on premises and cloud implementations. 
For last couple of years Adam was building and leading a team for one of SAP Commerce partner companies in Poland. Success on that field proves that Adam shares strong technical background with soft skills. Certified hybris core and commerce developer, business analyst and product support specialist, always happy to discuss needs and propose best solution. 

Adam holds M.Sc. in Software Engineering with a specialization in Multimedia and Internet technologies from Silesian University of Technology 


Bogdan Wróbel

Hybris Consultant and Solution Architect, Java & web frontend developer

Software developer with M.Sc. in Software Engineering and Operating Systems. Long-time Hybris consultant with experience in large-scale e-commerce solutions, previously working for hybris AG and SAP AG.
Fell in love with web technologies in the late ’90 of XX century, deeply interested in software development, still amazed by how tech things work. A strong believer in team synergy and agile methodologies. An Uncommon combination of backend and frontend developer with broad technical knowledge.
Certified Hybris developer and Business Analyst, certified Professional Scrum Master. 

Jakub Ptak

Hybris/SAP Commerce Consultant, Java Developer, Test Automation Engineer

Software engineer with major experience in the development and delivery of SAP Commerce (former Hybris) based projects, but also in web, mobile applications development, and UI tests automation.
As a Hybris consultant, Jakub had been involved in multiple e-Commerce projects covering B2C, B2B, and Telecommunication, where he made a significant impact meeting the Customers’ needs. Amazed by the variety and pace of technology development, he is eagerly following and trying out the recent trends in web and mobile development.
Jakub holds M. Sc. In Computer Science with a specialization in System Software from the Silesian University of Technology, Faculty of Automatic Control, Electronics and Computer Science, Poland. He is also a certified SAP Hybris and Spring Framework developer.

Beniamin Wróbel

Test Automation & Quality Assurance Consultant

Seasoned Quality Assurance consultant with experience in both B2B and B2C e-commerce projects, previously employed at SAP AG.

Certified SAP Commerce Cloud Business User.
Beniamin’s main focus is test automation (be it functional or non-functional tests), specializing in Selenium UI tests.
Lead for test automation team for Web-based projects. 
M.Sc. in Mathematics, B.Sc in Computer Science from Silesian University in Katowice, Poland.
Holder of ISTQB Test Analyst and Technical Test Analyst certificates.

Dušan Kostić

Java software developer & Hybris consultant

Software Developer with a decade of software industry experience in various fields from e-learning platforms to large-scale e-commerce solutions who is also involved in training people in software engineering from the basics to the modern technologies. 

Driven by curiosity and the will to adapt to the always-changing software development landscape, Dušan engaged himself in projects where he practiced many programming languages. Java currently remains his primary language, but he is no stranger to contemporary languages like NodeJS. He is experienced in Spring and Play framework, very well versed with Hybris, and involved in the creation of microservice architectures through agile development methodologies. Continuously improving by developing his own hobby projects and attending online courses. 

His academic degree is MSc in Computer Science and Information Technologies from the Faculty of Electronic Engineering in Niš, Serbia. He is a certified Hybris core and commerce developer and holds certifications for Oracle’s Java 8 certified Associate and Programmer.



Nina Piotrowska

Hybris Consultant & Java / TypeScript Software Engineer

Software engineer with M.Sc. in Industrial Computer Science specialized in IT Security. So not only is she an exceptional programmer but also knows how to weld and harden steel.

Highly adaptive, motivated, skilled, not afraid to venture into new technologies, quickly picking up fundamentals and mastering them. As a Hybris consultant, Nina has been involved in multiple B2C and B2B e-Commerce projects, where she has contributed to the platform itself, extending its core components. She’s been working both directly with SAP Commerce and around it. She’s experienced in integrating the platform with other applications, including SAP products, like ERP, C4C, and Marketing Cloud, employing a variety of technologies: from standards, like Data Hub or CPI, to fully custom implementations using GraphQL.
Outside of work – a songwriter, a singer, a guitar player, a gamer.
Certified Hybris Core / Commerce Developer, Java Associate / Programmer, Spring Professional / Enterprise Integration Specialist.
patryk fixedpng

Patryk Wolski

Quality Assurance Consultant

Quality Assurance consultant with years of experience in various projects, from game testing, banking, oil and gas industry safety management to e-commerce Hybris based solutions.

Certified Agile Tester and former Certified Agile Tester Trainer. Always happy to share his testing knowledge and experience, first to push for best testing practices in Agile environments. People-oriented, able to motivate and energize others to achieve the best results.

Patryk holds a bachelor’s degree in management from Bialystok University of Technology, Poland, and completed postgraduate studies in IT systems, applications, and databases from the Polish-Japanese Academy of Information Technology, Poland.

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Selen Altinsoy

Quality Assurance Consultant

Quality Assurance Engineer with 4 years experience in the field of e-commerce.

Selen has extensive work experience in product information management in Turkey’s leading e-commerce platform,

Selen is currently responsible for the implementation and optimization of the comprehensive quality assurance processes of the e-commerce platform based on SAP Hybris.

In addition to strong knowledge of Software QA Engineering technologies, tools, and understanding software testing life cycle, she also enjoys working in Agile environments and outcome-driven teams.

Selen has a BSc degree in Software Engineering at Faculty of Engineering, Istanbul University, Turkey.

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Aleksander Czech

SAP Commerce Consultant/Java Developer/Android Developer

Passionate developer with major experience in Android and backend development in SAP Commerce based projects. 

Experienced in SAP Commerce projects covering a wide range of B2B, B2C, Telecommunication industries, where he has taken roles of Developer and Solution Architect. As an Android Developer Aleksander has been involved in multiple Sports News and Video applications. 

Aleksander holds M. Sc. In Computer Science with a specialization in System Software from the Silesian University of Technology, Faculty of Automatic Control, Electronics and Computer Science, Poland. He is also a certified SAP Hybris developer.

Mobile App Professionals

Benjamin Andresen Lyberg

Project Lead & Mobile Developer

Software developer with a bachelor’s degree in programming at Westerdals Oslo ACT (now Kristiania University College) in Norway, with a primary focus on the Java language and mobile apps. Benjamin has experience with Android, iOS, Swift, Ruby, Software architecture, database design and agile project management.

With a lifelong interest in both creative and logic fields, Benjamin thrives in projects where he gets to contribute to development of every part of the stack. He appreciates the importance of understanding all levels of a project to be able to deliver the best possible end product.

Although most familiar with Java, Benjamin finds great interest in learning new languages and technologies, and strives to stay updated with the best solutions of today.


Leo Jappinen

Mobile App Developer

Software Developer with few years experience in the field of e-commerce. Leo exceeds in front-end development and makes clean code that projects in the UX of his work. Scripting languages like Java Script, Angular and React are part of Leos skill set with a dash of Java and PHP. 

Mobile applications were the main reason for Leo to become a developer in the first place, so motivation for developing grows greater each passing day! 

Leo has a bachelors degree in business-IT from Haaga-Helia University of applied sciences – Finland.  In early 2020 Leo got certified by SAP as a professional Commerce cloud developer.

Marketing & Partner Management


Edvard Piper


CCO at Langia with a long history in the IT industry both in sales and marketing.

Edvard has extensive experience of sales and business development in the consulting industry and has a large personal network.

“I am both happy and enthusiastic about having the opportunity to be a part of Langia, specialist consultants are something that is close to my heart. With established consulting services in E-commerce, we will be able to meet a great need among our customers. ”


Vikki Lindberg

Marketing Manager

Vikki has extensive experience both in business and SAP. Vikki holds a M.Sc. In internal business and trade at the School of Business, Economics, and Law at the University of Gothenburg.

Background in digital marketing and customer relations for an industry-leading global company. Also extensive work experience in the e-commerce platform for a smaller Swedish retailing company.

Vikki entered the SAP world by assignment and found it a fascinating place to stay. Worked as an SAP training consultant for full life circle global rollouts and releases for a major global industrial company for three years.

Vikki is now focusing on SAP Commerce, utilizing the knowledge and experience both in customer relations and SAP. Certified in SAP Commerce Cloud, SAP S4/HANA, SAP Sales Cloud, and SAP Service Cloud. Pre-sales validated by SAP for the SAP Commerce Cloud.

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